Definition of ethnoscience in English:



  • The study of the different ways the world is perceived and categorized in different cultures.

    ‘Urton, 53, is an Andean scholar whose studies meld ethnography, ethnohistory and ethnoscience.’
    • ‘For instance, many scholars have explored how modern western science has overwhelmed and supplanted both ethnoscience and traditional or indigenous systems of knowledge.’
    • ‘Science is alleged to be no more legitimate than many other non-scientific practices such as those embodied in ‘local knowledge’, ‘ethnoscience’ and what the postmodernist Lyotard calls ‘narratives’.’
    • ‘Fengshui is an ancient Chinese ethnoscience that addresses the harmonic layout of cities, villages, dwellings, and buildings.’



/ˌeTHnōˈsīəns/ /ˌɛθnoʊˈsaɪəns/