Definition of ethyl acetate in English:

ethyl acetate


mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless volatile liquid with a fruity smell, used as a plastics solvent and in flavourings and perfumes.

    Chemical formula: CH₃COOC₂H₅

    • ‘The process can include methylene chloride (used widely in Europe), coffee oil, or ethyl acetate to bond the caffeine molecules to the solvent, increasing the amount extracted from the beans.’
    • ‘Acetone-free polish removers contain safer fruit-derived solvents like ethyl acetate and methyl pentane.’
    • ‘The ester ethyl acetate can be produced using either an organic or an inorganic acid.’
    • ‘For example, the ester ethyl acetate is a very good solvent and is a major component in nail polish removers.’
    • ‘Some teas that describe themselves as naturally decaffeinated use ethyl acetate, a chemical solvent that leaves a residue on the leaves.’