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  • 1(of a plant) pale and drawn out due to a lack of light.

    ‘etiolated mung bean seedlings’
    • ‘These plants continued to grow without light and developed new etiolated leaves.’
    • ‘Exposure of etiolated cereal leaves to red light results in unrolling.’
    • ‘Small amounts of such products have been observed by other groups in protein samples from etiolated barley and wheat seedlings.’
    • ‘Although expression of carotenoid genes does occur in etiolated plants, their synthesis is stimulated on transfer to light.’
    • ‘Flowering continues but decreases through at least three seasons without burning; in long unburned sites, plants are etiolated and flower rarely if at all.’
    • ‘It is found in leaves, etiolated tissues, seeds, roots, fruits, and tubers in the chloroplast as well as in the cytosol.’
    pale, pallid, ashen, white, white as a sheet, grey
    1. 1.1Having lost vigor or substance; feeble.
      ‘a tone of etiolated nostalgia’
      • ‘He felt etiolated and unkempt.’
      • ‘Apart from an elongated waist which gave him the look of the etiolated shadow of a much taller man, he was not altogether bad looking.’
      feeble, weak, insipid, pallid, pale, wishy-washy, vapid, bland, poor, puny, flat, inadequate



/ˈēdēəˌlādəd/ /ˈidiəˌleɪdəd/


Late 18th century from etiolate + -ed.