Definition of etiolation in English:



See etiolated

  • ‘Because of etiolation and necrosis, control seedlings were harvested after 90 days, the root systems washed with distilled water and plants dried at 60°C to constant weight.’
  • ‘Robustness, based on above-ground biomass/seedling height, was used as an indicator of the sturdiness of seedlings and may be regarded as the inverse of etiolation.’
  • ‘In an attempt to solve these questions, one fruitful approach has been the analysis of in situ absorbance and fluorescence spectra during etiolation.’
  • ‘It has been hypothesized that the distribution of glutamine biosynthesis in different cellular compartments may be associated with etiolation in seedlings.’
  • ‘Surprisingly, the bulk of leaf tissue remained green and without visible etiolation under anoxia.’