Definition of Eton collar in English:

Eton collar


  • A broad, stiff white collar worn outside the coat collar, especially with an Eton jacket.

    ‘Frank remembers that he had to wear a school suit with a waistcoat and stiff collar, and for the first year an Eton collar outside his jacket.’
    • ‘I guess I don't quite have the Eton collar and cravat.’
    • ‘Pupils came to school in historic costume, run up by their mums and aunties, including Eton collars for the boys and three-quarter length knickerbockers and pinafores for the girls.’
    • ‘Born plain Mary O'Rourke of Helensburgh in 1913, the singing choirboy in an Eton collar was really a girl.’


Eton collar

/ˌētn ˈkälər/ /ˌitn ˈkɑlər/