Definition of Etonian in English:



  • A past or present member of Eton College.

    ‘an Old Etonian’
    • ‘Although most of the letters are taken up with engaging reflections on writers, there is also a large sprinkling of talk about cricket and gossip both about fellow Etonians and great figures such as Churchill and the Queen Mother.’
    • ‘While the world of diplomats, old Etonians and the British High Commission was as alien to him as a distant galaxy, shifting his attention from the shanty towns of Rio to the Kibera slums in Nairobi was not so difficult.’
    • ‘The diplomatic service, too, has always been well-stocked with Etonians, and it is in the hands of these future powerbrokers that our future peace may rest.’
    • ‘A report by the Indpendent Schools Inspectorate has claimed that A Levels are too easy for Etonians.’
    • ‘But most of the journalists there were a bunch of old Etonians who clearly find the whole thing distasteful.’
    • ‘He did not, however, accept contemporary standards for English; he often derided the variety of British English common among his fellow Etonians, along with the variety employed on the BBC, seeing them as dangerous establishment tools.’
    • ‘When told that a certain member of his Scottish staff had headbutted an MSP, the old Etonian was quick to put the caller in his place.’
    • ‘Nepal itself, the only Hindu kingdom in existence with an old Etonian as monarch, is among the world's poorest countries.’
    • ‘The old Etonian with a family hideaway on Jura has certainly succeeded in making British politics more interesting since he burst on to the scene.’
    • ‘Boris Johnson, the current editor of the Spectator magazine, is an old Etonian, and was head of school no less.’
    • ‘She binned the navel ring and married an old Etonian, in a big white dress in a white marquee.’
    • ‘One old Etonian, who steered clear of the game himself, described it as extremely slow and a little baffling.’


  • Relating to or typical of Eton College.

    ‘he is in many ways anti-establishment, irritated by Etonian complacency’
    • ‘The irony is that, although he was the first meritocratic Tory leader and followed the aristocratic Douglas-Home, he was as remote from most of the electorate as any Etonian toff.’
    • ‘Apparently she dated an Etonian shipping heir for three years but they have since broken up.’
    • ‘And being an Etonian MP, I was vulnerable to being made fun of.’
    • ‘The clipped Etonian tone of George's voice came over the line.’
    • ‘Of course neither Etonian playing fields nor Belgian battlefields had that much to do with it.’
    • ‘He was an old Etonian socialist representing a mining constituency - as inherently unlikely as the Queen keeping whippets.’