Definition of eubacterial in English:



See eubacterium

  • ‘The eukaryotic nuclear genes are more similar to eubacterial than to archaebacterial homologs.’
  • ‘In it he stated the principle of ‘irreducible complexity’ and claimed that, amongst other things, the clotting system and the eubacterial flagella were irreducibly complex, and were not evolvable.’
  • ‘For the purposes of this blog though, it is enough to point out that while Dembski and Behe characterize the eubacterial flagella, a swimming motility system, as an ‘outboard motor’, it is also a secretory system.’
  • ‘The smaller free-living eubacterial genomes considered have up to approximately 2,300 genes, ranging from T. maritima at 1,842 genes to L. lactis at 2,266 genes.’
  • ‘This is especially useful in treating a mammal susceptible to or having an undesirable Gram-positive eubacterial infection.’