Definition of euchromatin in English:



  • Chromosome material which does not stain strongly except during cell division. It represents the major genes and is involved in transcription.

    Compare with heterochromatin

    ‘This can be expected, since different chromosomes in a genome can have different organizations of genes, euchromatin, and heterochromatin.’
    • ‘The wavy line represents euchromatin of chromosome 2.’
    • ‘Position-effect variegation results from the juxtaposition of euchromatin and heterochromatin by chromosome rearrangement or transposon insertion.’
    • ‘Further, in most organisms there is a virtual absence of exchange in heterochromatin and a reduction of exchange frequencies in euchromatin that lies near chromosomal elements such as centromeres and telomeres.’
    • ‘The greater proximity of the centromere could cause suppression of recombination in the proximal euchromatin of fusion chromosomes.’



/yo͞oˈkrōməˌtin/ /juˈkroʊməˌtɪn/