Definition of eucryphia in English:



  • A shrub or small tree with glossy dark green leaves and large white flowers, native to Australia and South America.

    Genus Eucryphia, family Eucryphiaceae

    • ‘Huge specimens of eucalyptus, eucryphias, magnolias and rhododendrons are underplanted with unusual shrubs and choice perennials like Trilliums, Arisaema and blue poppies.’
    • ‘And he did, collecting plants from across the globe: rare azaleas, tall eucryphias with leaves like perfumed confetti, a flowering Chilean fire tree planted to celebrate his Golden Jubilee in 1945.’
    • ‘Add to this Lilium auratum; eucryphias - ‘they flower late in August, which is very satisfactory’ - and hoheria, ‘a lovely little tree with the most beautiful honey-scented flowers’.’
    • ‘The front garden slopes away from the house, with the incline packed with an interesting array of shrubbery and tall flowers - white flowering eucryphia and myrtle blend with statuesque hoheriay and elegant miscanthus grasses.’
    • ‘There's also the great eucryphia E glutinosa with its masses of white flowers appearing in mid to late August.’


Modern Latin, from Greek eu ‘well’ + -kruphos ‘hidden’ (with reference to its joined sepals).