Definition of eudaemonism in English:


(also eudemonism)


mass noun
  • A system of ethics that bases moral value on the likelihood of actions producing happiness.

    • ‘He states, ‘Whereas Marxism called for the power of capital to be destroyed, eudemonism [the politics of happiness] calls for it to be ignored.’’
    • ‘He suggests ‘eudemonism’: a political philosophy that proposes a society in which people can pursue the activities that truly improve their individual and collective wellbeing.’
    • ‘The system there exposed is a system of Eudaemonism, not of Deontology.’
    • ‘Aristotelian Ethics make a system of Eudaemonism, but stop short of Deontology.’


Early 19th century from Greek eudaimonismos ‘system of happiness’, from eudaimōn ‘happy’, from eu ‘well’ + daimōn ‘guardian spirit’.