Definition of eugenically in English:



See eugenics

  • ‘And a 1916 feature film even encouraged people to marry eugenically and kill their defective offspring.’
  • ‘Early-twentieth-century uneasiness about lower-class whites overpopulating the nation led to a panicked organization of public and private research which could eugenically chart lines of white families.’
  • ‘In the former, the exhausted, unnamed protagonist is offered two weeks in the country with her six young children, compliments of the eugenically named Social Betterment Society.’
  • ‘From this soil bed will grow an intentionally wild, uncultivated mix of vegetation - a symbolic counter to the Nazi dream of a homogeneous, eugenically bred German race.’
  • ‘The outdoors, he concluded, would eugenically inoculate boy children against the evils of over-sophistication and effeminacy as they grew.’