Definition of euphausiid in English:



  • A shrimplike planktonic marine crustacean of an order which includes krill.

    Order Euphausiaceae, subclass Malacostraca

    • ‘Unexpectedly, even juvenile mysids, which are never planktonic, have similar optics to those of larval euphausiids and decapods, and form refracting superposition eyes in adults.’
    • ‘Plankton such as euphausiids are important food for pre-grisle but amphipods and decapods are also consumed.’
    • ‘Throughout the euphausiids, decapods, and stomatopods, larvae invariably possess compound eyes, which are naturally complicated structures.’
    • ‘To determine the importance of fragmentation, tethered and free-swimming euphausiids were videotaped in the presence of marine snow representing a range of aggregate strengths, sizes, and ages.’
    • ‘Bowhead whales feed on crustacean zooplankton, primarily large copepods of the genus Calanus and euphausiids.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Euphausia (genus name from Greek eu ‘well’ + phainein ‘to show’ + ousia ‘substance’) + -id.