Definition of euphemistically in English:



  • By means of a mild or indirect word or expression instead of one considered too harsh or blunt.

    ‘punitive legislation euphemistically called ‘welfare reform’’
    • ‘The company I work for is what could euphemistically be called thrifty.’
    • ‘That is to say, they redeploy capital from production into bond speculation, euphemistically called "consumer finance".’
    • ‘Little more than a dressed-up hacker's toy, the application is euphemistically called a "remote administration tool" by its maker.’
    • ‘She quickly destroyed or euphemistically "lost" evidence pertaining to her predecessor's death.’
    • ‘He was, to put it extremely euphemistically, involved in some shady activities.’
    • ‘Whatever the metaphor, the baby-boomer generation is approaching the age group developmental psychologists euphemistically call the "young-old."’
    • ‘Once that income limit is reached there is no incentive to see patients and so physicians take what is euphemistically called "reduced activity days."’
    • ‘Into her impotent rage begin to seep the kind of compound four-syllable expletives that the TV channel euphemistically refers to as "strong language" in its pre-transmission health warning.’
    • ‘This emetic / alcoholic drink, which induced nausea lasting up to 3 hours, is known euphemistically as a "butterfly."’
    • ‘One way of moving through a built-up area is by using back gardens or sewers, or by blasting holes through adjoining walls - known euphemistically as 'mouseholing'.’