Definition of euro area in English:

euro area


the euro area
  • The member states of the European Union whose currency is the euro.

    ‘concerns about rising prices in the euro area’
    • ‘We do not presently perceive any deflationary risks in the euro area.’
    • ‘The euro area accounts for some 15 per cent of global GDP with a total population of 292 million.’
    • ‘Monetary policy will respond to the economic growth rate and inflationary pressures in the euro area as a whole.’
    • ‘Suppose that the government of a country in the euro area gets into fiscal trouble, from which it cannot extricate itself.’
    • ‘They are not certain whether growth prospects in the euro area will prove to be sustainable.’
    • ‘The US is a very different economy from the euro area - and the Federal Reserve has a different view of its role.’
    • ‘Broad money growth in the euro area has slowed down since 1990.’
    • ‘Growth in the euro area is clearly weakening but inflation is uncomfortably high.’
    • ‘If oil prices remain high, it could dampen the strength of recovery, both inside and outside the euro area.’
    • ‘Mr Hughes said economic data for the euro area continues to paint a mixed picture.’
    • ‘Employment growth remains limited in the euro area, where the unemployment rate has been anchored around 9%.’
    • ‘Inflation in most euro area countries fell sharply in May.’