Definition of Eurobond in English:



  • An international bond issued in Europe or elsewhere outside the country in whose currency its value is stated (usually the US or Japan).

    • ‘Bulgaria issued Eurobonds with a face value of 835.5 million euro and $513 million.’
    • ‘Icici Bank has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that the ministry of finance and the Reserve Bank of India have granted it approval for issuing Eurobonds in the international markets to the extent of $300 million.’
    • ‘Bulgaria is to exchange Brady bonds for new Eurobonds, the Finance Minister announced simultaneously in Sofia and London.’
    • ‘When the company needed cash in the late 1990s, it issued a Eurobond - long before it was fashionable.’
    • ‘The members of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court decided Tuesday to turn down the petition by 48 MPs against a law ratifying the agreements on the exchange of Brady bonds for a new issue of Eurobonds, signed by the Bulgarian Government.’
    • ‘1999 was the first time a municipality in Bulgaria issued Eurobonds.’
    • ‘Bulgaria will issue Eurobonds worth 250 million euros within days, the Finance Ministry announced last Friday.’
    • ‘The negotiations in September will influence the government's intention to issue Eurobonds, but this will also depend on the implementation of the budget and on the balance of payments in the current account, said Velchev.’
    • ‘This will entail a new credit agreement with the IMF and attempts to shift more foreign debt to longer-maturity, lower-interest credit, which will be achieved through the issue of Eurobonds once conditions are right.’
    • ‘The American banks quickly achieved a massively dominant position in Eurocurrency markets and rivaled European banks in Eurocredit and Eurobonds.’
    • ‘At this stage, the Government will not commit itself to additional expenditures until additional revenues - if any - accrue to the Budget and will not use the savings resulting from the exchange of Brady bonds for new Eurobonds.’
    • ‘He called this the most successful exchange of exit bonds for Eurobonds.’
    • ‘According to him, they did not issue Eurobonds though the market conditions were good for doing so.’
    • ‘Still, foreign lenders can easily look to alternatives like Eurobonds, and therefore they are able to demand a higher interest rate if the U.S. tries to ‘supply’ too much of its debt.’
    • ‘Pakistan last visited the international debt market in 1999, with $623 million in Eurobonds due 2005.’
    • ‘The annual interest payment of €10.4 million on a €111.6 million Eurobond to finance the village is believed to have forced Bates eventually to sell to Abramovich.’
    • ‘They include Eurobonds with maturity deadlines in 2007 and 2013, as well as US dollar-denominated bonds, payable in 2015.’
    • ‘According to him, no significant dividends are expected from these projects in the near future and the sale of the shares will help raise money to pay back the city's issue of 100 million leva in Eurobonds which mature next year.’