Definition of Eurocentrism in English:



See Eurocentric

  • ‘Americans who are apt to argue that U.S. foreign policy needs constant infusions of legitimacy from the approbation of European governments are also apt to deplore, in the domestic culture wars, Eurocentrism in academic curricula.’
  • ‘Every American has a right to patriotism and his opinion, but he has perpetuated the idea that keeps the Western world in a regime of arrogance, power, Eurocentrism, and inevitable conflict with those who pull its cargo.’
  • ‘And the Eurocentrism has a flip side, a soft-headed multiculturalism in which movements in other parts of the world are regarded as hopelessly and wonderfully exotic and not to be judged or analyzed.’
  • ‘Regardless of whether one opposed Eurocentrism or secular humanism, there appeared to be widespread agreement that the civic mission of public schools was a form of oppression.’
  • ‘The charge of Eurocentrism is often made on the basis of remarks made by Marx in articles that he wrote in the early 1850s about the role of British imperialism in India.’