Definition of euroland in English:



another term for eurozone
  • ‘And that would be economic carnage in the UK, economic miracle in Euroland - then the Euro might look like the only way out.’
  • ‘True, there are some rational grounds for preferring the euro to the dollar: in contrast to the US, Euroland's economic problems can largely be solved without a major currency decline.’
  • ‘As the past few months have shown, a recovery in global economic demand in both Euroland and emerging Asia has not made any kind of appreciable positive impact on the US trade position; quite the contrary in fact.’
  • ‘The remaining euro bulls bay for an immediate response from Euroland's monetary officials, be it through intervention or further rates hikes, in order to check the vertiginous slide of the currency.’
  • ‘I don't think there is any chance of Britain being a member of Euroland before 2005.’
  • ‘It is equally improbable to expect Euroland economies to adopt supply-side reforms designed to boost long term growth when the short term impact will likely prove deflationary against a backdrop of faltering domestic demand.’
  • ‘The European Central Bank refrains from meaningful credit ease as Euroland economies slide towards downturn.’
  • ‘America's economic woes presents Euroland with an opportunity to build on recent signs of recovery and capture, for however shortlived a time, the role of main engine of global economic growth.’
  • ‘With monetary union, the real economy of Euroland becomes something like a schoolyard game of crack-the-whip.’
  • ‘This quality would be judged by five economic tests which purportedly measured economic convergence with Euroland.’
  • ‘Recognition of the inherent rigidities of the pact has grown as Euroland's major economies began to falter: Paris and Berlin have in fact breached the deficit limit for three years running.’
  • ‘The exchange rate itself is determined by the extent of growth in the Anglo-American economy vis-a-vis Euroland.’
  • ‘‘Price-stability’ mans that the currency is intentionally not used as a means for gunning Euroland's economic engines.’
  • ‘As always, the extent of dollar weakness was tempered by developments in Euroland which continue to undermine the upside potential of the single currency.’
  • ‘The recent improvement in economic sentiment in Euroland remains highly dependant on a strong recovery in the US economy this year.’
  • ‘Unattractive economic conditions have made Euroland an unappealing venue for international investors for a long time now.’
  • ‘As the dollar has tumbled it has artificially driven up the price of the Euro, and set the whole GDP of Euroland into freefall.’
  • ‘To be fair, it's hard to make the case that Euroland is on the threshold of a major economic boom.’
  • ‘As a consequence, American economic growth in general sucks in more imports than Euroland's growth sucks in American exports.’
  • ‘The lagged excess money growth differential between Euroland and the US points to a strong support for the US dollar against the Euro in the months ahead.’