Definition of Europeanization in English:


(British Europeanisation)


See Europeanize

  • ‘The endless efforts of Turkey to become a part of Europe started from the 19th century, and a new Republic of Turkey accelerated its effort for Europeanization in the early 20th century.’
  • ‘Their ultimate goal, besides the annihilation of the Euro, is to end the never-ending Europeanization which totally undermines their good old values.’
  • ‘You may say this is just the superficial, brand-and-chain Americanisation and Europeanisation that we now encounter everywhere in the developed world; what has been called the Euro-American shopping mall.’
  • ‘But a notion of secularism that is equated with atheism, Europeanisation and an absolute notion of freedom cannot be accommodated with religious societies either.’
  • ‘We need a critical theory of Europeanisation, one that is both radically new and yet which stands firmly in the tradition of European thought and politics.’