Definition of Europhile in English:



  • A person who admires Europe or is in favour of participation in the European Union.

    • ‘He doesn't want a picture of him nibbling on a baguette to overtake the effete image of the Europhile windsurfing.’
    • ‘The only sense in which Europe has fallen behind is its failure to live up to unrealistic Europhile expectations.’
    • ‘The academic scene you hang about in is all too Europhile for my taste.’
    • ‘The well-known Europhile pledged he would not seek to change the party's sceptical position on the EU.’
    • ‘His Europhile followers console themselves with the belief Gordon hasn't gone cold on the concept of a single currency.’
    • ‘I defy even the most ardent Europhile to defend this.’
    • ‘Even the most ardent Europhile will admit that the above slogan could take some time to catch on.’
    • ‘Frankly, a Europhile would have to be demented to take comfort in this graph.’
    • ‘This most Europhile of Prime Ministers insists he has secured major concessions in the British interest.’
    • ‘This is something of a turnaround for one of the most Europhile countries in the EU.’
    • ‘A Rostrevor woman herself, Monica, daughter of Gertie and the late Matt Murphy, is also a Europhile.’
    • ‘If Eva is a cynical and superior Europhile, husband Franklin is smug and Republican, with a Rockwellian view of family life.’
    • ‘He also voted against the pro-EU Maastricht treaty, only to transform himself later into a rabid Europhile.’
    • ‘Current political debates notwithstanding, J S Bach, it seems, can be claimed as a Europhile ahead of his time.’
    • ‘Over the years, the party has seen itself (and has also been seen) as the most Europhile of all the political parties.’
    • ‘From a committed Europhile, that's honest advice.’
    • ‘He could then give up the singing career, and reinvent himself as a stentorian Europhile liberal commentator.’
    • ‘He is a keen Europhile, but his anger at how Poland is being treated was clear.’
    • ‘Can Europhile claims of peace, harmony, prosperity and the benevolent nature of the EU be proved?’
    • ‘No Europhile - or for that matter non-Europhile urban articulate sophisticate - could have said it better.’