Definition of Europhobe in English:



  • A person having a strong dislike of Europe or opposing participation in the European Union.

    • ‘The Europhile and Europhobe press in Britain are both commending him.’
    • ‘Interested UK punters are advised, generally, to use a filter to take out Europhobe - and for that matter Europhile - bias.’
    • ‘He was never able to operate freely because Europhobe backbenchers held the balance of power in parliament.’
    • ‘But given that it was written by a rabid Europhobe, all this really needed was a touch of cosmetic surgery.’
    • ‘Goaded almost beyond reason by his Europhobe critics, he actually resigned the party leadership in May 1995.’
    • ‘What ever position you come from, Europhile or Europhobe, the reality remains the same.’