Definition of Euroscepticism in English:


(US Euroskepticism)


See Eurosceptic

  • ‘The small no majority in the first Danish referendum in June 1992 acted as a catalyst for a new wave of Euro-scepticism, and the ratification process became both long and painful.’
  • ‘The UK Independence Party was rewriting the political map of Britain last night as a tide of Euro-scepticism dominated the European Parliament elections.’
  • ‘This should be resisted, as he believes there are many who share his own Euro-scepticism, and who will vote to reject the Constitution, but who want Britain to remain in the EU.’
  • ‘Fully 64 per cent of Yorkshire people would vote to quit the EU if offered the chance in a referendum, with only the South-West and the South-East approaching Yorkshire's Euro-scepticism.’
  • ‘I agree that there is a high level of Euro-scepticism.’