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(also British Eurosceptic)
  • A person who is opposed to increasing the powers of the European Union.

    ‘In the 1990s Euro-sceptics called for referendums to decide on measures which involve a further integration of Britain into the European Union.’
    • ‘It is fervently to be hoped that the mainstream Conservative Party with support from Euro-sceptics wherever they are - will give the robust leadership required to lead the nation away from mortal danger.’
    • ‘Although Major won the vote, he was struck by the strength of the Euro-sceptics and became increasingly suspicious of some of his colleagues.’
    • ‘Europe is a geographical entity comprising 46 countries and Euro-sceptics are no more ‘anti - Europe’ than Christians are anti-God.’
    • ‘That could reopen a bitter civil war within the party between fierce Euro-sceptics who want the withdrawal option to become official party policy and pro-Europeans who believe that would be General Election suicide.’
    • ‘Seven years on and people remain unimpressed with that vision - a growing number embracing a party of Euro-sceptics, whose declared vision is to extract Britain from Europe all together.’
    • ‘The French who abstained in large numbers during the European parliamentary elections were already Euro-sceptics.’
    • ‘Scattered among the gathering were a number of well known Euro-sceptics, a further scattering of local politicians, and interested members of the public, all there to discuss the issues that led to the defeat of the Nice Treaty.’
    • ‘So you're a Euro-sceptic only in the sense of not being enthusiastic about federal union?’
    • ‘Other hobbyhorses include all the Euro-sceptics mendaciously traducing our ‘wobbly’, ‘perfidious’ neighbours, regardless of the contrary facts.’
    • ‘But he's one of the best known Euro-sceptics and that's why he was invited.’
    • ‘The one thing pundits seem certain about is that the Euro-sceptics have done well across the EU, with the UK Independence Party winning 12 seats with around 16 per cent of the vote.’
    • ‘Many British Euro-sceptics are praying for a ‘Oui’, while Euro-enthusiasts are crossing their fingers for a ‘Non’.’
    • ‘Aides pledged that the 25-nation tour would not be complete without the commissioners involved meeting their fiercest critics face to face, including British Euro-sceptics.’
    • ‘All of which is contained in this constitution and the constitution is - at least for the time being - dead, and of course it ought to be with joy that we Euro-sceptics place our feet on its mounded belly.’
    • ‘Personally, I am unable to take the reflexively anti-EU positions that many American bloggers seem to take, or that British Euro-sceptics seem to take.’
    • ‘This would be a divisive disaster for our continent, although British Euro-sceptics will believe it's Christmas.’
    • ‘It is just another chance for Euro-sceptics to spread bad feeling about the EU.’
    • ‘Survived two days of meetings with Euroland, sitting in on plans for further ‘misery research’, as a fellow Euro-sceptic termed it.’
    • ‘The appointment of the Euro-sceptic provoked renewed hostilities between different factions at the top of the party.’



/ˌyərōˈskeptik/ /ˌjəroʊˈskɛptɪk/