Definition of eurythermal in English:



  • (of an organism) able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

    • ‘However, the thermal range over which ABT was modified was typically wider for more eurythermal species than for stenothermal species (compare green and pinto abalones).’
    • ‘In Vermont streams, one or more of the tolerant, eurythermal species (blacknose dace, white sucker, and creek chub) are often found in the same stream reach as are the coldwater species in least-degraded streams.’
    • ‘Degraded sites, conversely, are dominated by the tolerant, eurythermal species: blacknose dace and creek chub.’
    • ‘Organisms that experience a wide range of body temperatures may possess eurythermal enzymes, which operate efficiently over a wide range of temperatures.’
    • ‘Other eurythermal ectothermic marine organisms have been examined for their HSP responses.’