Definition of eurytopic in English:



  • (of an organism) able to tolerate a wide range of habitats or ecological conditions.

    • ‘Also as seen in graptolites, many of the taxa that were common during the Hirnantian were eurytopic species, high-latitude immigrants, or endemic, relict faunas.’
    • ‘Such conservatism is usually seen in ecological generalists or eurytopic taxa.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is apparent that some taxa were eurytopic whereas others were stenotopic, similar recent ones.’
    • ‘These subtropical and warm temperate taxa are presumably more eurytopic than their tropical counterparts, but do not exhibit range shifts in response to Neogene environmental change.’
    • ‘Because of their geographic distribution, these genera should at least have been more eurythermal, if not more eurytopic, than the tropical corbulid taxa that did not suffer global extinction.’