Definition of eusocial in English:



  • (of an animal species, especially an insect) showing an advanced level of social organization, in which a single female or caste produces the offspring and non-reproductive individuals cooperate in caring for the young.

    • ‘The naked and Damaraland mole-rats are the only known eusocial mammals, behaving like social insects by living in a colony with a single breeding female and related, reproductively suppressed, workers and soldiers.’
    • ‘Under this framework, we present the results of a dynamic programming effort aimed at determining the optimal ontogeny of defensive allocation strategies by eusocial clonal organisms.’
    • ‘In many taxa, however, including all eusocial vertebrates and many insects, nonbreeding or subordinate group members are potentially capable of reproduction.’
    • ‘In these groups, subordinate reproduction is inhibited, either permanently, in the case of advanced eusocial organisms, or in the presence of dominants.’
    • ‘In many eusocial wasps, nests are founded by single females that remain alone until offspring emergence.’