Definition of eutectic point in English:

eutectic point


(also eutectic temperature)
  • The temperature at which a particular eutectic mixture freezes or melts.

    ‘It has a lower eutectic point than NaCl and can work at lower temperatures.’
    • ‘Above the eutectic temperature, solutes in the liquid phase of ice are concentrated by a factor fc = 1 / V L, where V L is the fraction of liquid water in equilibrium with ice.’
    • ‘Once the interface is brought up to the proper eutectic temperature, the heating mechanism must maintain that programmed temperature with minimal overshoot.’
    • ‘The amount present may be less or more than the maximum that is soluble at the eutectic temperature.’
    • ‘To minimize this, packaging manufacturers need to tightly control the initial alignment position based on a full understanding of the solder, including eutectic point and shrinkage versus temperature.’


eutectic point

/yo͞oˈtektik point/ /juˈtɛktɪk pɔɪnt/