Definition of eutectoid in English:



  • Relating to or denoting an alloy which has a minimum transformation temperature between a solid solution and a simple mixture of metals.

    • ‘Silicon and aluminum increase the graphitization potential for both the eutectic and eutectoid transformations and increase the number of graphite particles.’
    • ‘The transformation of austenite below the eutectoid temperature can best be presented in an isothermal transformation diagram, in which the beginning and end of transformation is plotted as a function of temperature and time.’
    • ‘Fig.2 shows the effect of alloys on the eutectoid temperature.’
    • ‘The other, which produces more intensive hardening, is analogous to hardening of binary cadmium-tin alloys by quenching and depends on suppression of eutectoid decomposition of the beta phase.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most familiar structure in steels is that of the eutectoid pearlite, usually a lamellar mixture of ferrite and cementite.’


  • A eutectoid mixture or alloy.