Definition of eutherian in English:



  • A mammal of the major group Eutheria, which excludes the marsupials and monotremes.

    • ‘Attempts to resolve the relationships of Xenarthra and Pholidota to other eutherian mammals have not yet been exhausted.’
    • ‘Hypertrophied upper canines which occur in the paratype, have never previously been recorded in kangaroos and represent an example of evolutionary convergence between these herbivorous marsupials and ungulate eutherians.’
    • ‘Using stem-based definitions (and the respective terms Metatheria and Eutheria), generally-accepted eutherians are now known from the late Early Cretaceous of both Asia and North America.’
    • ‘Recently evidence was presented that the same mechanisms may explain the conservation of neck vertebrae number in eutherian mammals as well as the conservation of the phylotypic stage in vertebrate evolution.’
    • ‘Carnivora is the order of eutherian mammals that includes wolves - like this arctic wolf - dogs, cats, raccoons, bears, weasels, hyaenas, seals, and walruses, to name just a few.’


  • Relating to or denoting eutherians.

    • ‘Several explanations have been proposed for the acquisition of genomic imprinting in eutherian mammals.’
    • ‘To conclude, obtaining more data for mammalian groups has given the major gain in understanding eutherian evolution.’
    • ‘Phylogenetic trees depicting relationships among 16 eutherian orders are presented.’
    • ‘The position of bats in the eutherian tree is uncertain.’
    • ‘If the system is fully saturated, then all eutherian orders will show about the same level of difference from each other.’