Definition of evagination in English:



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See evaginate

  • ‘The adenohypophysis, or anterior pituitary, is derived from an evagination of oral ectoderm of the dorsal median region of the stomodeum.’
  • ‘The normal pancreas is derived from several evaginations originating from the wall of the primitive duodenum.’
  • ‘On the other hand, rectal prolapse is a full-thickness evagination of the rectal wall outside the anal opening.’
  • ‘The presence of limb buds was determined by close examination of the blastema for the evagination of a protruding bud.’
  • ‘Prepupal leg development is characterized by a morphogenetic process collectively referred to as evagination: elongation of the presumptive leg as the disc epithelium unfolds and concurrent eversion to the outside of the animal.’