Definition of evanescently in English:



See evanescent

  • ‘The evanescently excited fluorescence intensity was measured for a series of samples with increasing IgG concentration in solution adjacent to supported phospholipid bilayers containing Fc [gamma] RII.’
  • ‘Experiments were performed in a liquid sample cell containing two silica spheres immersed in a buffer solution and evanescently coupled to the same single-mode, near-infrared optical fiber.’
  • ‘There was pathos in the evocatively dovetailed dialogues with the strings; left-hand chords emerged inconspicuously from tuttis, the melody poised evanescently above.’
  • ‘The spheres are coupled evanescently to the optical fiber.’
  • ‘They came to him evanescently, and left without leaving a trace in his memory - so brief and so quick.’