Definition of evangelic in English:



See evangelical

  • ‘More specifically it pointed to its lack of goals as a empire, which I don't fully agree with as it seems to overlook late capitalism as an ideology, and globalisation as its evangelic / missionary form.’
  • ‘In this way, the perspective of vernacular rhetoric reveals that the explicitly evangelic prayer form also functions as an invitation for group insiders to perform previously shared values.’
  • ‘When a clown and an evangelic preacher wander into Ted's domain of the W.C. he forces them to dismantle their public masks and face the consequences of their beliefs and actions.’
  • ‘David Taylor's diplomatic skills are as finely honed as any and he is unreservedly evangelic about the joint Scottish-Irish attempt.’
  • ‘The preacher was a popular southern evangelic reverend who was talking about being saved.’