Definition of evanish in English:



[no object]rare
  • Vanish or die away.

    ‘like the rainbow's lovely form evanishing amid the storm’
    • ‘At last the path evanishes from view.’
    • ‘A satellite, seen from the earth, ought to change its colour, and at last evanish in violet.’
    • ‘The kangaroo immediately adjourned, and evanished below the horizon.’
    • ‘The darkness of the night evanishes at the approach of the sun.’
    • ‘He has described Truth as a colour so faint as to be scarcely perceptible, and almost evanishing from the vision.’
    come to an end, cease to exist, fade, fade away, melt away, blow over, run its course, ebb, die out, evaporate, vanish, peter out, draw to a close, disappear, finish, end, cease, terminate


Middle English from Old French evaniss-, lengthened stem of the verb evanir ‘vanish’, from Latin evanescere ‘die away’.