Definition of evaporative in English:



  • Relating to or involving evaporation.

    ‘evaporative water loss’
    • ‘Coconut oil has high flash point, viscosity index, lubricity, evaporative loss and oxidative and thermal stability.’
    • ‘In the early 19th century, other methods of cooling were explored, and several evaporative refrigerators were patented, although it was another half-century before they made an impact on the food industry.’
    • ‘Calculations of evaporative flux density and conductances were the same as those under quasi-steady-state conditions.’
    • ‘Wind exposure increases not only energetic expenditure but also evaporative water loss, so changes in body mass reflect changes in both fat and water content.’
    • ‘If water drips onto the back of a waxed frog, it forms beads (just as it would on a stick of butter), because the waxed skin is hydrophobic - both repelling water and retarding evaporative water loss.’
    • ‘Although we did not monitor the ground-level microclimate and soil conditions, poor or no shrub and herb layer inside and outside our exclosures would accelerate soil drying and evaporative transpiration water loss.’
    • ‘Because nectar-feeding birds are small and maintain high metabolic rates, their rates of evaporative water loss are high even at modest ambient temperatures.’
    • ‘The lung model is driven by hourly energy needs that specify required respiratory gas exchanges and consequent evaporative water loss from the respiratory system.’
    • ‘The container was sealed with aluminium foil and tape to prevent the evaporative loss of water from the nutrient solution.’
    • ‘Geckos may also benefit from grouping by reducing their effective surface-area-to-volume ratio, thus reducing evaporative water loss.’
    • ‘Organisms with wetted areas exposed to moving air can cool via evaporative water loss, provided relative humidity is not too high.’
    • ‘To test for evaporative water loss, a control bowl of food was placed in the same room as the caged birds daily and its mass monitored.’
    • ‘Spatial distributions of expansion rate, cell division rate and cell size in maize leaves: a synthesis of the effects of soil water status, evaporative demand and temperature’
    • ‘This method of evaporative cooling supplements a conventional evaporative cooler and is effective even in the most hot-humid period.’
    • ‘Rounding out this system are six ice water chillers and 15 evaporative condensers.’
    • ‘However the Trust warns it has high carbon dioxide emissions, poor fuel economy, and high evaporative emissions.’
    • ‘There is no experimental evidence so far that phenotypic plasticity allows plants to adapt cuticular permeance to changes in evaporative demand.’
    • ‘Both lungs and reservoir were covered with cellophane to prevent evaporative fluid loss.’
    • ‘The patient should be doused with water and fanned, if possible, to promote evaporative heat loss.’
    • ‘Any factor which increases convective heat loss also increases evaporative heat loss.’
    evaporative, vaporous, vaporescent


Late Middle English from late Latin evaporativus, from evaporare ‘change into vapour’ (see evaporate).