Definition of evaporite in English:



  • A natural salt or mineral deposit left after the evaporation of a body of water.

    ‘non-marine evaporites include borax’
    as modifier ‘evaporite deposits’
    • ‘Turbidite deposits and westward younging of limestones and evaporites record the development of the foreland fold and thrust belt during the Late Carboniferous Epoch.’
    • ‘The Rhaetian-Lower Sinemurian shallow ramp units are composed of platform carbonates, evaporites and minor siliciclastic deposits.’
    • ‘At the same time, lagoonal evaporites were deposited in the middle of the Western Carpathians; therefore an island surrounded by lagoons is hypothesized there.’
    • ‘The Early Miocene Gachsaran Formation is composed of evaporites (salt and anhydrite), marl and limestone.’
    • ‘Subordinate rocks include thin units of dolomite, evaporite, Varangerian tillite and Precambrian crystalline rocks.’


1920s alteration of evaporate (see also -ite).