Definition of even-handedness in English:



See even-handed

  • ‘Meier practices the historical craft with an air of impartial even-handedness that makes objectivity in scholarship seem almost possible; he thus misses numerous critical points of ideology or cultural politics.’
  • ‘The errant official crowned one of his poorer displays with two of the season's softest penalty awards; though he had the decency and even-handedness to give one to each side, but just looked out of touch all afternoon.’
  • ‘And in the spirit of even-handedness and honesty, girls are too.’
  • ‘Complaints about slowness, caution, and lack of innovation or initiative are to some degree inseparable from the qualities of fairness, even-handedness, and thoroughness for which the service is often praised.’
  • ‘That he should be removed from a post whose primary requisites are probity and even-handedness for displaying these qualities is insupportable.’