Definition of even-steven in English:


(also even-stevens)

adjective & adverb

  • Used in reference to fair and equal competition or distribution of resources.

    as adverb ‘I split the money with my wife even-steven’
    • ‘While the average result puts Labour even-stevens with National, it does not substantially alter the likely outcomes.’
    • ‘When eyes and teeth are once again exchanged, we'll be even-stevens.’
    • ‘As to the game itself watched by over 29,000 spectators the first half was even-steven, Galway just holding the edge at half-time, 0-12 to 0-11, and Ollie Canning magnificent at corner-back.’
    • ‘And in the mind of their manager there is no question that they desperately needed this additional recovery time to banish the ‘pain’ and ‘hurt’ of being overrun in a non-contest that was even-steven for all of 180 seconds.’
    • ‘First versus third at kick-off, two good teams produced a suitably even-steven contest, with Bolton starting and finishing well and the champions much the better side in the middle.’
    • ‘But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and call it even-steven.’
    • ‘Just set yourself on fire and drop yourself from a mile up, and everything will be even-steven.’
    • ‘Volleyball would be classed as even-stevens but it's touch football where the national colours are honoured.’
    • ‘It was even-stevens as ‘The Mountie’ Bruce came up against Nooney, but we can't say a lot about him.’
    • ‘He was even-steven after day 12, but lost three of the next four to become the only member of the joijin to face demotion in July.’
    • ‘Surely Europe's best pro-wrenches have a quick way of making the levers of the pro's bikes even-steven.’
    • ‘After that, he'll split even-steven with the CEO.’
    equal, the same, much the same, identical, like, alike, similar, to the same degree, comparable, commensurate, corresponding, parallel, on a par, on an equal footing, evenly matched
    level, drawn, tied, all square, balanced, on a par, on an equal footing


Mid 19th century rhyming phrase, used as an intensive.