Definition of even-toed ungulate in English:

even-toed ungulate


  • A hoofed mammal of an order which includes the ruminants, camels, pigs, and hippopotamuses. Mammals of this group have either two or four toes on each foot.

    Order Artiodactyla: three suborders. See also and ruminant and , and tylopod

    • ‘It is in these layers that fossils of odd-toed ungulates, even-toed ungulates, and primates first appear.’
    • ‘Traditional morphological taxonomy groups the even-toed ungulates within the order Artiodactyla.’
    • ‘Notably, however, a recent and large-scale comparative analysis concluded that countershading may aid concealment in even-toed ungulates but that it is unlikely to do so in lagomorphs.’
    • ‘Next, we collected information on the color, behavioral, and ecological characteristics of 200 species of even-toed ungulates and coded this in binary format.’
    • ‘Though most biologists now agree that whales and hippos are first cousins, they continue to clash over how whales and hippos are related, and where they belong within the even-toed ungulates, the artiodactyls.’