Definition of even as in English:

even as


  • At the very same time as.

    ‘even as he spoke their baggage was being unloaded’
    • ‘These things combined together to give me a new sense of awkwardness, even as I left the old one behind.’
    • ‘She believes, even as she acknowledges that her belief must exist alongside disbelief.’
    • ‘There was also a single ramp, even as the kids shook it like a saltshaker, down the road.’
    • ‘He thinks through every question I ask, even as he fidgets and flexes constantly in his chair.’
    • ‘It is still unfolding, even as hacks and ex-advisers rush to sum up or cash in.’
    • ‘The Liberals ride high in the polls even as they inspire so much less than enthusiasm.’
    • ‘We are to show love to our enemies even as we believe God in Christ has shown love to us and the whole world.’
    • ‘Williamson, even as an outsider, always felt the Edinburgh derby was a major fixture.’
    • ‘We, as tourists, transform the life of the city even as we insist on the preservation of the fabric.’
    • ‘It is a solid part of that India that moves on, even as it falls apart, or lags behind.’
    while, whilst, as, at the time that, at the same time that, just as, at the very time that, at the very moment that, exactly when, during the time that
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