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even Homer nods

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  • Even the best person sometimes makes a mistake due to a momentary lack of alertness or attention.

    ‘Well, even Homer nods, and what Eliot gives is sufficient to evoke the lines he has in mind.’
    • ‘But even Homer nods, and so does Nabokov, and to build whole-scale interpretations on details that seem much more explicable as errors is fraught with danger.’
    • ‘But even Homer nods, and Justice White penned a Brennanesque whopper in Garner.’
    • ‘I'm a big fan of Gill's work, but even Homer nods, and this one's sleep-writing.’
    • ‘And yet, if even Homer nods, what hope for a mad American cello-player?’
    • ‘If even Homer nods, then should we exclude this possibility from the works of his commentators, however learned they may be?’
    • ‘We're big fans of Judge Berzon, but even Homer nods.’
    • ‘At one point he does give way and lets a character remind us who Tiberius Gracchus was and what happened to him, but even Homer nods.’
    • ‘But at times even Homer nods, and according to the newspaper accounts (if you will look them up) and my own recollection as an eyewitness close at hand, it was not the daughter but rather the wife of President Roosevelt of that day who christened the Kaiser's sailing yacht Meteor.’
    • ‘Indeed, when The Star-Spangled Girl first appeared in 1966, it ran simultaneously on Broadway with no fewer than three other Simon hits (Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple and Sweet Charity), but if even Homer nods and Shakespeare has his clunkers, mustn't Neil Simon too have his off days?’


    With allusion to Latin dormitat Homerus (Horace Ars Poetica 359).