Definition of even if in English:

even if


  • 1Despite the possibility that; no matter whether.

    ‘always try everything even if it turns out to be a dud’
    • ‘It does not matter, even if it were to be clearly established that it had gone astray in the post.’
    • ‘It is a unique gift that once given will always remain, even if the relationship ends.’
    • ‘Under the current rules it is possible to force a vote even if only one branch supports the move.’
    • ‘Do not always belive what you are told even if on the face of it it appears to be sound.’
    • ‘So even if their parent does get a job it is not always enough to get a child out of poverty.’
    • ‘It is official policy to get people into university even if they don't want to go.’
    • ‘The second account can not be touched by the company, even if it were to go bust.’
    • ‘This could sustain the German market even if global demand wanes or the euro rises again.’
    • ‘You don't see that the experience will benefit them even if they drop out or don't get a job at the end?’
    • ‘Please only answer one question at a time, even if you know more, to give everyone a chance.’
    1. 1.1Despite the fact that.
      ‘he is a great President, even if he has many enemies’
      • ‘There will be an audience for whatever is written, even if that audience is small.’
      • ‘Therefore, even if the police cannot stop the drugs, they can try to follow the money.’
      • ‘They already have wide currency amongst campaigners even if it is not labelled as such.’
      • ‘For a start, even if the Dutch dispute it, the game is perceived as having started here.’
      • ‘They never doubted his love, even if he could not put it into words the rest of us would understand.’
      • ‘It was a brilliant piece of reactive warfare, even if it was not wholly successful.’
      • ‘So I think we can say that he knows what he's doing, even if we aren't overwhelmed by it.’
      • ‘It is good to have such witty audience members, even if they do have stupid names.’
      • ‘My mother always did her best for me, even if there wasn't always enough to go around.’
      • ‘What does it matter to me if he has a gallery opening, even if he is a great artist?’