Definition of even now (or then) in English:

even now (or then)


  • 1Now (or then) as well as before.

    ‘even now, after all these years, it upsets me’
    • ‘But I couldn't, not for long moments, and even then I had to clear my throat and scramble up from the couch.’
    • ‘But even then the difference is likely to be small and the chances of accurately predicting it in advance are non-existent.’
    • ‘We have to wear socks, only socks, until like late December, and even then it isn't cold.’
    • ‘It is, also, even now, their greatest and defining moment.’
    • ‘It was near midnight when they finally had a moment to themselves, and even then they were still too wound up to sit down.’
    • ‘He was silent for a moment, not precisely sure even now what the catalyst had been.’
    • ‘Seeking to define this element of unlawfulness has taxed judicial minds for most of this century; and even now there remain areas of uncertainty.’
    • ‘Only one person picked up on the significance of it, and even then they were a little off the mark, but still close.’
    • ‘Indeed it seems likely that some medical schools are even now attempting to help white Appalachian applicants, for example, under programs of regional distribution.’
    • ‘He rightly predicted freezing temperatures and blizzards all week although even now the depth of the cold was being under estimated.’
  • 2In spite of what has (or had) happened.

    ‘even then he never raised his voice to me’
    • ‘And even then, it's likely that many questions and suspicions will remain.’
    • ‘It took him a moment to realize who she was; even then, he couldn't believe it was her.’
    • ‘Of course, even then I'm reasonably sure he'd still pick up the border states.’
    • ‘And even then, if you promoted it, you'd more likely make your site stronger, rather than the community it was part of.’
    • ‘Yet, even then, a suitable bribe would more than likely tide them over until the next capture.’
    • ‘But then I heard that it was a flight from Boston to L.A. And then, even then, you just try to deny it as much as possible.’
    • ‘We rarely had any kind of tense moments and even then we resolved them quickly.’
    • ‘Payment will be made only after goods have been sold and even then, are likely to be months, if not years late.’
    • ‘Well, not anymore anyway, unless he was really angry and even then he was more likely to just shove me around.’
    • ‘And even then, most likely in all events the train is going to stay on railroad property.’
  • 3At this (or that) very moment.

    ‘very likely you are even now picking up the telephone to ring’
    • ‘He'd always stood straight, a lawyer's trick he'd picked up, and even now, he did so.’
    • ‘I ventured that science, research and technology are the only things which will get us out of the hole we're very likely digging even now.’
    • ‘Scotland bowlers will head indoors this weekend for what even now looks likely to be a winter of discontent.’
    • ‘Was it even now waiting for the right moment to strike?’
    • ‘Her heart had quickened the moment he had turned those dark eyes on her and even now her breathing was uneven.’
    • ‘She went over to Alex and picked up his body, heavy even now.’
    • ‘Ever since I saw you that first day on the street, cold, hungry, and dirty, even then I knew you were the one.’
    • ‘You know, you might spank your children, hit them too hard or do some other things to hurt them, but a lot of times even then it's alcohol or drug use.’
    • ‘But she gained much more, and that seems so strange now and even then.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, servicemen with obsolete equipment and ageing Green Goddesses - yes they were ageing even then - went on standby.’