Definition of even though in English:

even though


  • Despite the fact that.

    ‘even though he was bigger, he never looked down on me’
    • ‘MPs are widely thought to be corrupt even though the vast majority of them are anything but.’
    • ‘However you will not be asleep, in fact you will be aware all the time even though your mind may wander.’
    • ‘Evolution is still a theory even though it is now taught in state schools as hard facts.’
    • ‘The material was rather light and it felt as though she had nothing on, even though she knew she did.’
    • ‘But he is not in fact a trustee at all, even though he may be liable to account as if he were.’
    • ‘Few major power stations were built over the decade, even though demand increased.’
    • ‘He went to Galway and the people there asked him to move on, even though he had a permit.’
    • ‘I had very positive experiences in all my four births, even though they all had to be induced.’
    • ‘The family did not bring up the question of paternity even though she went on to have five more children.’
    • ‘His shows are reportedly well worth catching, even though he does say so himself.’