Definition of evening primrose oil in English:

evening primrose oil


mass noun
  • An oil extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose. It contains gamma-linolenic acid and is used in complementary and alternative medicine, especially in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome.

    ‘at night I take evening primrose oil, vitamin E, and St John's wort’
    • ‘Further studies are warranted to examine the possible therapeutic effects of evening primrose oil for hot flashes.’
    • ‘She recommends taking 3 to 4 g of evening primrose oil daily.’
    • ‘The most investigated source of essential fatty acid has been evening primrose oil, which contains 9% linolenic acid.’
    • ‘Evening primrose oil is said to contain unknown anti-coagulant substances.’
    • ‘Evening primrose oil has been praised for centuries for its healing powers in a wide range of ailments.’
    • ‘Evening primrose oil (EPO) comes from the seeds of the yellow primrose, a North American wildflower.’
    • ‘Evening primrose oil, enriched in the anti-inflammatory, omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid, was reported to relieve tremor.’
    • ‘This study of 56 symptomatic women found evening primrose oil to be no more effective than placebo in controlling vasomotor symptoms.’
    • ‘Evening primrose oil, black cohosh, a new lover - we can't prescribe those.’
    • ‘Like evening primrose oil, it contains an essential fatty acid called GLA (gamma-linolenic acid).’
    • ‘Such products include salmon, shark liver oil, linseed, borage, canola, and Evening Primrose Oil.’
    • ‘Other agents that have been used include evening primrose oil which has been studied in Europe.’
    • ‘It also contains antibiotic aloe vera and moisturising evening primrose oil.’
    • ‘Try one tablespoon of flaxseed oil and 1,300 mg of evening primrose oil daily.’
    • ‘So it is a good idea to supplement these nutrients alongside fish oil and evening primrose oil.’
    • ‘After years of treating ourselves to herbal cures such as royal jelly and evening primrose oil, the nation is now under the spell of St John's wort.’
    • ‘For example, for aching joints, you should take evening primrose oil and increase your intake of oily fish.’
    • ‘Evening primrose oil is often used in Europe to treat eczema, although the results of controlled studies are inconsistent.’
    • ‘Many different methods have been used to help these people, such as the use of zinc supplements, copper supplements, nicotinamide, evening primrose oil and others.’
    • ‘If that doesn't help, try adding 1,000 milligrams of evening primrose oil three times a day.’