Definition of evening wear in English:

evening wear


  • Clothing, especially for women, that is suitable for formal social occasions.

    ‘the fifth floor is beginning to fill with men in dark suits and women in evening wear’
    • ‘Highlights include the fawn coat and celebrated pillbox hat worn for the inaugural ceremonies on the steps of the Capitol in 1961 and a large group of formal evening wear worn at the White House for state dinners and events.’
    • ‘True, it is not every day a climbing party takes along tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses, food, wine, candelabra and formal evening wear up 3,250 feet.’
    • ‘The collection focuses on formal office and evening wear and includes both western wear and traditional salwar kameez and kurta sets all designed with a contemporary fashion edge.’
    • ‘Suitable evening wear will give you confidence while showing respect for the others.’
    • ‘It's an eclectic mix of formal and evening wear in a variety of fabrics.’
    • ‘I love their song, their chatter, their formal evening wear, their cute white eyebrows.’
    • ‘In reality, the Angels were three gorgeous actresses who found themselves busting capers set in locations that gave the producers a cheap excuse to show them off in swimsuits and what used to be called evening wear.’
    • ‘The shop, which has been tapping into a revived Western fad for eastern clothes, sells glamorous traditional two-piece salwarkameez and sarees, mostly to white York women for evening wear, as well as jewellery and other accessories.’
    • ‘Donations of good quality items of both wedding and evening wear can be delivered to the shop, or collection can be arranged by calling the charity's fundraising office.’
    • ‘Prices start at $300 for knits, $750 for evening wear.’
    • ‘I bought boots, evening wear, casual wear, pumps, strapless, glittered, metallic, leather, fabric, plastic and any other shoe of interest.’
    • ‘Two skimpily clad women sailors in Shore Leave carry a badly wounded companion on a stretcher into a dusky living area already occupied by two women in lingerie and a statuesque third in evening wear.’
    • ‘I have never been so disillusioned, and disappointed for my wife, who apart from putting a lot into entering and nominating our business, also paid a lot for her evening wear to attend these festivities.’
    • ‘Our woman is concerned with her upper arms, so we offer cover-ups with all our evening wear.’
    • ‘Fifty-one female dogs, each representing one of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, were judged on beauty, talent, poise and evening wear.’
    • ‘Advances in electronic textiles promise evening wear that changes color based on mood, undershirts that dispense medicine, and wirelessly-enabled coats that forecast the weather.’
    • ‘These new paintings counterpoint their structure and rich color with an urban grittiness, like an elegant woman in evening wear stepping out onto the macadam of a New York street.’
    • ‘All credit must go to her for keeping ethnic-style designs at the forefront of local fashion, even with the swing to ostentatious evening wear.’
    • ‘Plunging necklines, off-the-shoulder looks, gloss and wrap-over effects and lace-up details upgrade shirts into sexy tops for evening wear.’
    • ‘Some of the sequences featured casual outfits; club wear for women, evening wear in pastel shades and the Kingfisher colours of red and white for an extremely feminine look.’