Definition of evenly in English:



  • 1So as to present a flat or uniform surface or line.

    ‘scoop cream on to the cake and spread evenly’
    • ‘Varnishes are usually applied with a brush and flow on evenly and smoothly.’
    • ‘Shake the pepper on to a sheet of greaseproof paper and press the steaks in the pepper until evenly coated.’
    • ‘The trick is to have just enough sauce to evenly coat the pasta, so that it doesn't swim in it or stick to the roof of your mouth.’
    • ‘These prints are evenly saturated with color and a bright, almost lurid, light of a consistent value.’
    • ‘He was in top physical shape from hiking and rock climbing, his lean and muscular frame evenly tanned.’
    • ‘The interior space is evenly lit.’
    • ‘The screen is very evenly lit, probably owing to the LED backlight.’
    • ‘Press the dough into the mold as thinly and evenly as possible.’
    • ‘Concealer should be spread evenly using a dry sponge or your fingers.’
    • ‘If you are growing custard apples, bananas, sapodillas, and carambolas, they could all do with a dressing of citrus and fruit tree fertiliser spread evenly around under the leaf canopy.’
  • 2In equal numbers, amounts, or values.

    ‘the jackpot will be split evenly among the holders of the three tickets’
    • ‘Patients were typically elderly and evenly divided between men and women.’
    • ‘The public is evenly divided: 34 % agree and 34 % disagree.’
    • ‘Local opinion had been almost evenly split, 45 per cent of those questioned in a radio poll favouring cancellation.’
    • ‘The ten chapters are pretty evenly weighted and sandwiched between the useful introduction and epilogue sections.’
    • ‘Chill the mixture for 30 minutes, then divide into eight evenly sized burgers.’
    1. 2.1With each having an equal chance.
      ‘the match was evenly balanced throughout the first half’
      ‘an evenly contested game’
      • ‘He said that major infrastructure projects could now be in place if the rights of developers and private individuals were more evenly balanced.’
      • ‘The fight seems to be evenly balanced.’
      • ‘Their relationship was a game of mental chess between two evenly matched players.’
      • ‘We were very evenly matched when we sparred.’
      • ‘With both teams back on equal footing, the match became a fiercely and evenly contested battle.’
      • ‘An evenly contested first half saw only one point between the sides at the break.’
      • ‘The law should be applied evenly throughout a community.’
    2. 2.2With equal space or time between each; regularly.
      ‘a series of evenly spaced dots’
      ‘he was breathing evenly, fast asleep’
      • ‘He said he hoped the increase would be spread evenly over the five years.’
      • ‘Outside the bar counter were stationed twelve equally elaborate oak tables, spaced evenly around the dining room.’
      • ‘Inmates live in barracks-style open bays with rows of beds spaced evenly behind long, ceiling-to-floor gray metal bars.’
      • ‘These hotspots are not evenly distributed, and are located on the boundaries between the plates, called faults.’
      • ‘In the experiment, artificial nests were evenly distributed in territories of different attractiveness.’
    3. 2.3Calmly and without strong emotion or variation.
      ‘he speaks evenly and softly’
      • ‘"Of course, my mistake," he replied evenly.’
      • ‘He continues to answer evenly, with remarkable honesty, until right at the end, when the PR comes to rescue him.’
      • ‘I distinctly remember a young girl sitting in a classroom, as the counterrevolutionary forces are entering Paris, explaining evenly and carefully the differences between the two social forces.’
      • ‘He spoke softly, evenly, often lapsing into a thoughtful whisper.’
      • ‘I replied firmly and evenly, "Steak and eggs, medium rare and over easy."’
  • 3Used to indicate a number that is divisible by two without a remainder.

    ‘signals are numbered evenly, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.’
    • ‘Each evenly numbered chapter is titled the same way.’
    • ‘Prefix signals are numbered evenly, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.’
    • ‘She set each alternate, evenly numbered, verse to different music.’
    • ‘The way things are headed, they might end up with a 9–7 record purely by virtue of the fact that their bye week falls on an evenly numbered week.’
    • ‘The Bangkok-based portion, popular for its street vendors, restaurants and nightlife, is intersected by dozens of streets that are evenly numbered along one side and oddly numbered along the other.’
    • ‘The 64,170-SF dormitory will be home to 290 residents, with female students living on evenly numbered floors and male students on odd ones.’