Definition of evens in English:


plural noun

another term for even money
‘the colt was 4-6 favourite after opening at evens’
another term for even money
  • ‘Even though the Essex Exocet was drawn against world number two Stephen Hendry in the semis, he was rather stingily priced before the match at evens to lift the crown.’
  • ‘The upshot is a smug bookie that goes home happy whether Man Utd wins at evens or Fulham come in at 200-1.’
  • ‘It is simply - it is the difference between the asset consisting of a bookmaker's ticket which says, ‘You will get one dollar if a horse at evens wins’ and the value of 50 cents.’
  • ‘As short as 4/7 before the race, the champion was pushed out to evens by Irish bookmakers but only to 4/6 by no-risk, non-believers over here.’
  • ‘The seven-year-old took full advantage of evens favourite Jair du Cochet unseating his rider at the fourth from home to win by a distance.’