Definition of event-filled in English:



  • Containing many interesting or exciting events; eventful.

    ‘this is proving to be an event-filled tournament’
    ‘the show attracted more than 26,000 visitors over four event-filled days’
    • ‘The British athlete reached the final of the 500m speed skating after some event-filled qualification.’
    • ‘My father and I sat and watched the event-filled race together where the ground was swamp-like and horses were dropping like flies.’
    • ‘Parents and dignitaries joined the Club in celebrating another safe and event-filled Honor Camp.’
    • ‘The number of impressions and experiences collected during those 34 event-filled days would no doubt fill a small book if I were to have the time to record them.’
    • ‘Although a hundred were expected, the sixty five or so who did make it had an awesome event-filled weekend!’
    • ‘So it's a long weekend during the most exciting and event-filled time of year in Barbados, and what do I have planned?’
    • ‘The film is set over one event-filled night, as Nick and his pals attempt to see their favourite band play a secret gig in Manhattan.’
    • ‘After an event-filled voyage including a baneful bus ride and a dangerous trip across a windswept sea, our heroine arrives at the isolated nunnery and immediately meets Sara, her genial and good natured guide.’
    • ‘The nuptials capped an event-filled weekend Crowe had planned for his guests, which included a cricket match starring Australian star Shane Warne and several musical performances.’
    • ‘Do you really need (or want) event-filled days when you are surrounded by the bounties of Napa Valley?’
    • ‘The event-filled narrative moves speedily from social drama to courtroom thriller.’
    • ‘Money, women, excitement - he got all these and more in the headlong, event-filled last 13 months of his life.’
    • ‘She was a study in chameleon-like socio-political achievement during her event-filled and sometimes tumultuous life.’
    • ‘Just to ensure the weekend is event-filled, the last day starts at 10.30 am with an interdenominational service in the forest.’
    • ‘Even one event-filled weekend was hardly time enough to do more than touch on the subject.’
    busy, event-filled, action-packed, full, lively, active, hectic, strenuous