Definition of eventing in English:


Pronunciation /əˈven(t)iNG/ /əˈvɛn(t)ɪŋ/

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  • An equestrian sport in which competitors must take part in each of several contests, usually cross-country, dressage, and show jumping.

    ‘he will begin his eventing career in March’
    • ‘Three-day eventing includes showjumping, dressage and the cross country section, which is said to have the highest risk factor.’
    • ‘They compete on a weekly basis in showjumping, eventing, dressage and showing, with a string of appearances on the national and international circuits, Olympia and the Horse of the Year Show under their accomplished equestrian belts.’
    • ‘Thousands of horses compete at racetracks and at showjumping, eventing, dressage, carriage driving, long distance riding, pony and leisure events.’
    • ‘Whether your sport is dressage, eventing, or jumping, your foal will have to want to learn and want to work.’
    • ‘Martin, who has won many titles in eventing, showjumping and dressage, decided to completely re-evaluate the saddle and approached experts in veterinary medicine and horseriding while researching the project.’
    • ‘Ultimately the therapist's aim is to achieve a supple musculature allowing the horse to work in comfort and balance, whether that be in racing, showjumping, eventing, endurance riding, polo or dressage.’
    • ‘The programme is lottery funded through Sport England to support the country's most gifted up and coming riders in the disciplines of dressage, Paralympic dressage, eventing and show jumping.’
    • ‘Many of the Far North Coast's most accomplished riders will be on hand to show off their skills in the disciplines of showjumping, eventing and dressage.’
    • ‘Whatever discipline you compete in, whether it's showing, show jumping, dressage or eventing, it's important that you both look your best.’
    • ‘His farming enterprises are a herd of suckler cows and horses, which compete in the equestrian sport of eventing up to and including international level.’
    • ‘There is evidence that males are more likely to win at show jumping, dressage and eventing and in the top 100 sport horses only 19-20 in the ranking are females.’
    • ‘Riders compete for Olympic medals in three different categories: dressage, showjumping and three-day eventing.’
    • ‘Basically it's control and movement and can be very beneficial to showjumping, eventing and racing.’
    • ‘Without question, cross-country is the heart of the sport of eventing.’
    • ‘The Minister also announced that eventing, dressage and some other equestrian activities will be permitted to resume in accordance with agreed protocols.’
    • ‘Well now, Australians have been very successful internationally I think in show jumping and three-day eventing especially the rough and tumble part of the cross-country.’
    • ‘It should come as no surprise that eventing, the sport which combines elements of most of the others, has a style which combines that of many of the others.’
    • ‘A shortened format and a desperately ill-judged course have made the Olympic Games something other than the greatest test in the sport of eventing.’
    • ‘Many horses discovered and bought at Millstreet went on to compete at the top level in show jumping and eventing in many parts of the world.’
    • ‘Before then, all competitors rode expensive thoroughbreds more used to the refined atmosphere of eventing or the showjumping ring.’


1960s from event, in three-day event, horse trials held on three consecutive days.