Definition of ever-ready in English:



  • Permanently accessible, available, or prepared.

    ‘Roxie's ever-ready smile’
    • ‘The latter, it should be noted, were, as well as being guilty of the repression of their own populations, ever-ready to inflict their brutality on others by means of invasion.’
    • ‘Poke about a bit in quiet country places and pre-history jumps out with an ever-ready foot to trip you over and make you stay a while.’
    • ‘I think I am the sort of guy that would be ever-ready to entertain a loose pink lady, the looser the better in fact.’
    • ‘Without it, humanity could never have developed and deployed the weapons that still stand ever-ready to wipe our species off this planet.’
    • ‘Just so show you that I am indeed the very soul of generosity, ever-ready to see the good in anyone, I will say that the nice thing about amphibian-grade humidity is that it makes me look real cool from the forearms down.’
    • ‘If the world had a specially trained, properly equipped and ever-ready army it would be a much safer place for the many hundreds of millions of people who live in countries that are ruled by brutal despots or where civil war is wreaking havoc.’
    • ‘His dark, brown leather jacket looked as though it had been slept in more than once and appeared as thoroughly saturated as the rather bedraggled Border Collie that stood ever-ready by his scuffed, wet cowboy boots.’
    • ‘Yet we are ever-ready to listen to voices of reason, sanity and justice and we remain committed to an honourable solution with the government of India or through the good offices of the apex court.’
    • ‘There are no tears, no questions and not even the slightest reproach of a son who, having not shown his face for 30 years, now suddenly wants to slip back into the ever-ready nest.’
    • ‘One of Papa's carpenter friends constructed the thing to serve as an ever-ready booster seat for me, but in my imagination that box took on many forms.’
    • ‘What will not be there will be Steve's ever-ready earful, which was usually as entertaining as whatever he was putting on stage that night.’
    • ‘One is the ever-ready willingness of African states to form regional groupings, most of which, it is true, come to nothing.’
    • ‘The moment the ever-ready police personnel on duty got the order, they were on the door of my quarter in a trice.’
    • ‘The multi-million dollar ‘fresh breath’ industry wants us to believe that a swish of this, a gargle of that, and an ever-ready supply of breath mints will resolve our bad breath woes.’
    • ‘‘I work for her Majesty,’ came the ever-ready reply.’
    • ‘From this identification with a mother goddess, which is the goal of the initiation, there comes an ever-ready attentiveness to what is needed, a willingness, indeed a longing, to meet that need.’
    • ‘As a person, his warmth, friendliness, ever-ready smile and calm, well-reasoned behaviors when storms beset APA are well recognized by one and all.’
    • ‘Prisoners were no longer kept isolated in cells, because it was discovered that they were an expendable, ever-ready labor force.’
    • ‘You keep waiting for one of them to pull the ever-ready trigger.’
    • ‘But we must continue to be vigilant and ever-ready for more setbacks.’