Definition of ever-shifting in English:



  • Constantly changing, especially in an unpredictable way.

    ‘a kaleidoscopic vision of an ever-shifting landscape’
    • ‘Reading the British press over the past month gives a glimpse into the British forces' ever-shifting aims.’
    • ‘In the distance, the quickly filling terraced seating blocks resemble an ever-shifting Daliesque canvas.’
    • ‘A public company with a lousy business can win the market's ever-shifting short-term popularity contests.’
    • ‘In an ever-shifting matrix of alliances, people will always be looking for an advantage, which leaves others at a disadvantage.’
    • ‘Despite their legalistic attempts at clarity, these definitions rest on the quicksand foundation of ever-shifting social mores.’
    • ‘The office was reimagined as a giant, multipurpose playroom for an ever-shifting team of workers.’
    • ‘The total effect was surprisingly focused and intimate, with Gabriel's confessional singing style providing an emotional anchor for the ever-shifting visuals.’
    • ‘In the Arctic, the distinction between land and water is ever-shifting and indefinite.’
    • ‘Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?’
    • ‘Good and evil are ever-shifting qualities.’
    • ‘The ever-shifting emotional relationship is engrossing.’
    • ‘His commissions were intricately tied to the political and religious climate, one of ever-shifting dynamics fraught with soured alliances.’
    • ‘Minimalist art acknowledges the viewer, whose physical interaction with the work produces ever-shifting viewpoints over time.’
    • ‘The effort to win leads to ever-shifting patterns of cooperation and competition among rivals.’
    • ‘The river pours into the Gulf of Alaska between massive, ever-shifting islands of sand the carried from glaciers far upstream.’
    • ‘Amid ever-shifting European borders, Prague has retained the grandeur of being head of the Hapsberg Empire in the middle of the 16th century.’
    • ‘Web services will soon allow agile organizations to make better decisions faster, and change their processes in real time in response to an ever-shifting market opportunity.’
    • ‘Various media keep us in touch not only with the fate of the notorious and celebrated, but also with the ever-shifting ideas and fashions that form the currency for social discourse.’
    • ‘Is the system getting more and more convoluted as the board tries to figure out what ever-shifting community standards are in this day and age?’
    • ‘The story that emerges is one of a contested and ever-shifting landscape that advanced, receded, and adjusted in relation to patterns of colonial settlement and incorporation.’
    fluctuating, changeable, likely to change, subject to change, unsteady, shifting, ever-shifting, mobile, inconstant